Blue Cow is an upscale, full-service New-American restaurant serving innovative sandwiches, seasonal cocktails, craft beers, small plates and entrees that showcase local farming and artisan products, inspired by taking the approachable and giving it a modern interpretation.

Chef Judy – Chef Partner

Chef Judy Han was classically trained in culinary school and molded by some of the finest chefs in Los Angeles. Unlike many great chefs, Chef Judy has worked every position in a restaurant, giving her a true appreciation of the hospitality portion of the total dining “value proposition.”

As the Corporate Executive Chef of Mendocino Farms, Chef Judy is continually pushing the limits on how to make ‘just another sandwich’. Her creativity, technique, and culinary philosophy have led to the tremendous growth and success of the Mendocino Farms brand. Here at Blue Cow, she has teamed together with Executive Chef, Joshua Smith, in creating unique food that can apply to both a fast casual concept as well as a sit-down restaurant. Together, they seek to push culinary boundaries and take the brand to a whole new level by influencing each other with their different styles and backgrounds.

Isabelle – Mendocino Farms Director of Hospitality Training/Partner

Isabelle has grown with the company as a leading member of the Mendocino Farms Team over the last four years and has now established herself as the restaurant group’s Brand Manager. By working so closely with owner, Mario Del Pero, she has become a real student of the business and completely embodies the hospitality culture he is so passionate about. She is incorporating her skills that have helped develop the Mendo culture, to give Blue Cow a similar, yet distinguishable “voice”. Isabelle lives and breathes the culture Del Pero has created and nevertheless, is a remarkable motivator to her team and a true protégé of Mario Del Pero.

Sean – Mendocino Farms Director of Operations/Partner

Before coming to the Mendocino Farms family, Sean was considered one of the top General Managers in the Southern California region. With his leadership and expertise, Krajewski helped transform the Mendocino Farms brand to become a leading example of the “Fine Fast” concept. Over the years he has developed the technique and understanding of how to give fast, but great service – while ensuring that every guest gets a true “Farm Friendly” experience. He is constantly redefining the expectation of “Hospitality” and is always pushing the boundaries on how to create the best guest experience. His leadership, vast knowledge, and experience have led him to now become the restaurant group’s Director of Operations.

Ellen – Co-Founder

Ellen graduated with a degree in Economics from UCSD, becoming a consultant for the prestigious Accenture Consulting firm. There Ellen facilitated the growth initiatives and improvements of some top Fortune 100 companies. Even though Ellen was consulting big business, she was destined for entrepreneurial greatness.

Ellen is the principle investor and Business Manager of the Mendocino Farms and Blue Cow concepts. She uses the values taught to her by her father to lead through empowerment, and knows the rewards of building a thriving business from just a good idea and a lot of passion. Ellen continues to offer the restaurant group a big business perspective with an entrepreneur’s passion.

Mario – Co-Founder

As the founder, creator, and cultivator of Mendocino Farms, Mario Del Pero has made his mark in the restaurant industry with his discovery and integration of the brand’s ‘Fast Casual’ concept. He has managed to create ridiculously craveable food – while still delivering above and beyond service. Even with almost 20 years of restaurant industry experience under his belt, Del Pero still constantly pushes the boundaries and challenges how to be uniquely innovative in such a ‘foodie’ world.

His passion for the farm-to-table philosophy and his ever evolving eye for food and hospitality, has led to his creation of Blue Cow. At Blue Cow, Del Pero will merge the Mendo culture with Chef Josh’s culinary style to make upscale food more approachable. His goal is not how much money he can make or how many locations he will have; rather, how he can make each guest truly happy with every moment of their experience. This distinct passion and humble modesty has led to his success and keeps guests coming back to his restaurants.

About The Artist...

Liza Burns

Liza grew up in Eugene, OR and received a BFA from Boston University. While studying many different art forms on the East Coast, she evolved and intensified her vision through new and exciting mediums, working with everything from old shoes to watercolors to chalk to digital design. She now resides permanently in Los Angeles as a freelancing artist, muralist, cartoonist and designer. She is currently illustrating the Josie the Dog children's book series and is available for artistic collaboration, commission, and contracted work.

Her print work is available online at http://society6.com/LizaManaBurns

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